Dog Mtn “The Hemlock Abyss”


The Dog Mountain Trail is accessed through Seymour Provincial Park in North Vancouver. The trail is very popular year round, relatively easy  hike or snow shoe that delivers you to some great views of the Seymour Valley, the North Shore, Vancouver and beyond.

For the ease of describing work areas this particular section became known as the “Abyss”or the “Hemlock Abyss” in reference to the large hemlock tree on the inside of the trail.

Abyss Before B       Dog Mountain 2013 After (15)

The objective of this project was to restore this section of trail as it had slowly slipped away over the years leaving trail users exposed to a potential “slip fall ” incident.


The Abyss before  Abyss After

The Abyss Before                                                  and After


Dog Mountain Aproach Before A    Dog Mountain Aproach After A

The Approach  Before                                              and After


Dog Mountain Big Rock Before          Dog Mountain Big Rock After

Big Rock Before                                                       and After


Dog Mountain Abyss Before C    Dog Mountain Abyss C After C


Abyss After D    Abyss After E


Abyss After F