Trail Construction:

Consulting, Design, Bridges, boardwalks, Mountain bike structures, 6×6 cedar cribbed trail tread, park and rec site structures, out houses, kiosks, speed gates, shelters, fences, decks


All aspects of trail maintenance environmental mitigation and restoration.

High Angle Rigging:

Design supply and install high angle rigging systems to move materials over environmentally sensitive areas or steep difficult to access areas with out impact to the environment


Train land managers/ owners/ staff/ & volunteer organizations in the techniques and safe use of all equipment associated with long term sustainable trail construction. Including how to design safely install and utilize high angle rigging as it pertains to trail construction in an open public area.

Natural Stone Work:

Retaining walls, wet and dry stack, natural stoneĀ  stepped trail tread, 6×6 cedar cribbed trail tread with stone inlay, rock armoring for mountain bike trails, view points, camp sites, rec sites, memorials

Portable Mountain Bike Skill Sets:

Ramps, angled turning ramps, teeter totters & jumps for clubs, youth groups, community centers, and youth camps